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Practical CSS Grid - Launching My First Course

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Late last year, I took the plunge and began to work full time on my passion: education. That has led to today. Today, I officially launched my first online course: Practical CSS Grid!

I’ve been speaking at user groups and creating some blog content about CSS Grid for a couple years now. I figured it would be a good first course. Especially, since have declared it a top thing to learn in 2019!

I’ve structured the course to be how I learn. I like building things that I could use in a site I’m building right away. 

With that in mind, I structured the course to tackle common design patterns in new ways using Grid. 

I also wanted to keep it relatively short. I’m very much into the idea of “micro courses” right now. Practical CSS Grid clocks in at about 2 hours. You won’t learn every single thing about Grid in this course, but you WILL learn what you need to take your CSS and your design to the next level in 2019.

Promo Image for Practical CSS Grid - Learn about this revolution in Web design!

Practical CSS Grid - Learn about this revolution in Web design!

Whether you're new to CSS Grid or have played with it, finding practical examples of this new layout mechanism is the best way to learn it's power. Sign up below for two hours of practical grid knowledge just for you!

Start Learning Now!

I’ve got a few goals for the course. One is financial. I’d love to sell 100 courses. This would allow me to keep pushing toward more content like this. 

Beyond anything else, though, I want to see CSS Grid adoption on most new sites in 2019. So the more folks learning, the better!

I learned a lot in the past couple months working on this. I plan to share some of that in the near future. But for now, I’ll just feel the pride of shipping something and keep working to educate the world!

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