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You're a Designer, I promise DevNexus February 20, 2020 See more
The New CSS: Learn to Love Styles php[tek] May 19, 2020 See more
Static is the New Dynamic php[tek] May 20, 2020 See more

CSS Can Do What?!

CSS can do amazing things. Buckle up, as I take your attendees through multiple examples of things you woudn't think would be possible with plain old CSS, no JavaScript required.

Post-Modern CSS

CSS has changed. It’s moving away from the mired mess of it’s origin and toward a bright future of interesting layout and easy design. If you’ve been focused on other important skills in the past 3 years, you’ve missed out on a lot of new, helpful techniques.

Workshop - Practical CSS Grid

In this workshop, we’ll cover all the basics and advanced maneuvers of Grid in practical, reusable components that build on each other.


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