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Weekly Front-end Development and Design Office Hours

Come get your questions answered on all kinds of topics. Interested in the latest and greatest CSS? Can't seem to figure out why your JavaScript isn't working? Need interview advice? I've got you covered.

Possible topics include but aren't limited to:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Static Sites
  • Design/UX
  • Design Critiques
  • Static Sites
  • Professional Advice

If no questions are asked, I'll just be live coding, which is also fun!

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Creating an 11ty Plugin - SVG Embed Tool

In the sites I’ve built with Eleventy (11ty) recently, I’ve found myself reusing a couple filters. This has involved me copying and pasting the code a lot. The solution? Create an 11ty Plugin.

Now offering design and code reviews at PeerReviews.dev

For the past few months, I’ve talked with a lot of different people about how best to serve up-and-coming designers and developers. I want to be a resource for people learning to code and learning about design. So, when my friend James Q. Quick released his first code review on YouTube, I knew I needed to follow along.

Routing contact-form emails to different addresses with Netlify, Zapier and SendGrid

When your client wants dynamic form processing, and your site is "static," what are you going to do? In this article, we'll explore two methods to do dynamic form routing based on a user's answer to a form field.