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Looking for a little extra advice on your code? Work better when you collaborate? Need a quick lesson on the latest CSS properties? I'm offering a small window each week for office hours.

We'll hop on a quick call/google hangout and talk through any code challenges you've got.

To optimize the time we spend together, I recommend either setting up a CodePen or utilizing VisualStudio Code Live Share so that we can work together on your code.

Currently, I'm only offering a little bit of time each week, but stay tuned for bigger and better things!

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Top 3 uses for the ::before and ::after CSS pseudo elements

It’s no secret that I'm a fan of ::before and ::after pseudo-elements. I use them to great effect for creating darkened overlays in this previous post. They have so many uses beyond that, though. Here are my top 3 uses for them in my every-day development process.

How To: Use CSS Grid to Mix and Match Design Patterns

In a previous tutorial, I described how to create a simple fluid card grid with CSS Grid. In this tutorial, we'll take it a step farther and create promotional spaces that morph in interesting ways.

How To: Use CSS :after pseudo-elements to create simple overlays

Use :after elements to create the simplest HTML possible to render useful and fun overlays on top of background images. Then extend them with blend-modes!