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Anything Remotely Development Related

Make a More Flexible Cover Screen with CSS Grid

Our design trends are about to get a facelift. Grid Layout is coming in the next release of modern browsers. It's important to get a grip on its utility. Let's take a common trend in editorial and marketing design - the "cover page" banner area.

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Flexbox -- Let's start simple

Layout in CSS is hard. We’ve spent the 2 decades since the inception of CSS battling with its idea of how to lay out content on the web. When we moved from table-based layouts to CSS layouts with floats and positioning, we gained a LOT of flexibility, but we also lost things like vertical centering that tables afforded us. Floats and positioning got us a long way to making really nice looking sites, but with the advent of responsive design and fluid layouts, the struggle has been real...

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How to Get Designers to Contribute in Open Source

I’ve been thinking a decent bit this year about how to get designers involved in Open Source projects. There’s more and more being talked about in this vein, and I don’t plan on rehashing what they talked about (The Intimidation Barrier and Open Source Design by Una Cravats and one of the first guiding documents -- The Open Source Design Manifesto by Garth Braithwaite to name but a couple).

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The True Gift of Your Former Code

I’m not in the same league as most developers I have the pleasure of meeting, but I had been pretty proud of the little Django app I put together for my old portfolio site. It worked pretty well. I had loads of plans for it when I made it — none of which came to fruition. In the end, it served it’s purpose and I learned a lot in the process.

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