2021: Getting the band (newsletter) back together

Hi to all my wonderful subscribers and a happy new year! Most of you have gotten either an e-book or a course from me in the past. I want to express extreme gratitude to you. Thank you so much for doing that.

If you didn't know, I started a newsletter before doing any of the courses or books you may have gotten. It never really got a ton of subscribers and that's OK. It was fun to do... until it wasn't. It was actually kind of a slog to manage. I was editing HTML constantly to make it work the way I wanted it to.

I had some recent thoughts on making my life easier for managing articles I find interesting, so I'm getting the newsletter back together. I'll be able to write in a CMS, manage my bookmark links (and add them easily to my newsletter), and then export some HTML that I can just paste into an email service. In fact, this email was generated in the same process!

All that being said, I'll be sending out semi-weekly updates on what I'm working on and the interesting articles I'm reading that you might enjoy, as well.

If that sort of thing interests you, sign up for it over here. If not, I'll just let you know of various course and e-book updates as they happen, no hard feelings.

I hope to see you over in the new newsletter or just around the internet!