So here’s the deal, y’all: Netlify has this great event for December:, but I don’t have any unused domains! I set myself rules for domain purchases: No auto-renewal. Domains don't renew if they don't have a dedicated purpose after that first year. I've let a LOT of domains expire.

I still want to participate, and that's where you come in! I need domain ideas. For every domain idea I get (that's an available domain), I'll donate $1 to one of the four charities on the Dusty Domains site (up to $100).

I'll choose one (or more?) of the domains and build something on it and do it all live streamed to Twitch. I really want to think of this as an opportunity to do something fun and treat it like an "improvisational webdev" activity. So, let's list some fun, interesting, helpful, or wacky domains and make something for this charity event.

To participate, leave a reply to this Twitter thread with the domain you think I should build. Depending on the ideas, maybe we'll choose more than one of the domains and build lots of amazing things and do some good in the world.