For the past few months, I've talked with a lot of different people about how best to serve up-and-coming designers and developers. I want to be a resource for people learning to code and learning about design. So, when my friend James Q. Quick released his first code review on YouTube, I knew I needed to follow along.

I'd had aspirations years ago of doing design critiques online, but never found the time to do it. James helped push me forward to get things started. I released my first one last week to a lot of great feedback.

The feedback inspired both me and James to make this a bigger and better experience.

Introducing Code Reviews and Design Critiques

James and I put our heads together and decided to release the videos on a branded site. A place that could house both our video collections, but also have a place to sign up for a review.

I dedicated some time and launched the site this morning. I'm really excited to see where this concept goes. I've already go a handy list of people wanting reviews, which is amazing.

I hope the videos reveal various aspects of design and development that will be helpful to the entire design and development community.

Our other goal is to provide a safe space to get these reviews. We don't bite. We're exercising kindness and compassion every step of the way.

So, if you're interested, head over to the site and sign up for a review or just watch the various reviews and pick up tips and tricks. It's absolutely free and we'd love to see what you're working on!