This week's intro will be a bit shorter than last week. Lots of things happening in the world, but hopefully this week's links can take your mind of things, and you can learn something along the way.

This week, we have a couple articles from the folks at Netlify's Developer Experience team. Sarah Drasner talking about their team's process and makeup, and Jason Lengstorf talking about how to create quick experimental cycles for product development and content creation.

We also have an interesting article on "algorithmic layout" with "The Devil's Albatross," CSS Tricks' redesign, and a handy GitHub action to rebuild your Netlify site nightly based on CRON syntax.

Oh, and have my go-to sourdough bagel recipe, while we're at it!

Links from the newsletter

Developer Experience at Netlify

The Developer Experience organization at Netlify is quite unique. In this post, we talk through the structure of the organization, how we work, who we are, and some of our team strategies.

Yeet. Delete. Repeat.

We need to ship fast, learn fast — and do it all without burying ourselves in technical debt. Here's one way to set up your team for success.

The Devil's Albatross - An algorithmic layout technique

Learn how to build an algorithmic layout that switches from two centered elements to a spaced-out flex layout. The navigation/logo example is a design pattern I use a lot and requires breakpoints and custom CSS to handle, usually. Doing it algorithmically is super interesting.

Design v18 | CSS-Tricks

CSS Tricks redesigned again! Version 18. This is an interesting writeup from Chris Coyier on his process.

Rebuild cron · GitHub

A gist for a GitHub action to rebuild your Netlify-hosted site daily at midnight.

Sourdough Bagels - Easy Overnight! | Little Spoon Farm

I'm baking a lot and this is my current "go-to" recipe for sourdough bagels. They're delicious.