Frontend environment variables with Astro.js

How to set up environment variables for use in client-side "islands" in AstroJS

Quick experiment with the Slinkity 11ty plugin

A quick write up of my first experiment with the Slinkity 11ty plugin. We build a quick "Like" button for my son's art site.

How to show your template code in 11ty blog posts

If you write a technical blog and use 11ty as your static site generator of choice you might run into a conundrum: How do you show Liquid or Nunjucks template code in your code blocks.

Adapt client-side JavaScript for use in 11ty (Eleventy) data files

I love JavaScript, but I love rendered HTML much more, so I challenged myself to convert James' client-side JS code to something that rendered HTML. I wanted to do it as quickly and as concisely as possible.

Dynamic Static Sites with Netlify and iOS Shortcuts

An experiment adding dynamic functionality to this site pushed via iOS shortcuts and Netlify functions