New Year, New Newsletter Process, New Newsletter

The last email newsletter I sent, I manually curated and it took me... too much effort. It was also in 2019... So welcome to a new era of me sending emails. I'll be sending them via ConvertKit, but my curation will happen through a personal bookmarking app I built. It's now integrated with Sanity instead of Fauna, and Sanity is also where I'm authoring the content for these emails.

Currently, I'm writing in Sanity and then publishing to an 11ty site (which also has ALL my bookmarks). From there, I can grab the HTML for the newsletter and paste it directly into an email blast for ConvertKit. This is the first email, but I think this will make for a much more pleasant authoring experience and make me want to share my links with everyone.

2020 was wild, 2021 will continue to be odd... I hope to share some insights, personal projects and other fun things in this intro section to the email and then share my top links for any given week.

I hope you're well and doing amazing things with what time you have.

Thanks for being a subscriber.


P.S. Apropos of... everything? The first link this week is Robin Rendle talking about newsletters. It's an amazing read, visually inspiring, and also a bit validating to my new approach, since I was able to incorporate these newsletters into my personal blog (on a test branch) in about 30 minutes... Blog posts coming soon...

Links from the newsletter

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